Broken, Still a source of inspiration

My book “Spiritual Parenting” was released two years ago. I was anxious as to how readers would receive it. The first call that I received in response was somewhat like this:"You have narrated your own personal mistakes and bad experiences so uninhibitedly. That has given me great confidence...

Rich Or Poor?

I see a strange phenomenon amongst the upper middle class community. Despite a very high level of income, they still feel that they do not earn enough. They possess many luxuries and they even own a house to keep all those items in. No matter how small, most people own a car. There’s money in the bank and also two satisfactory incomes to increase those bank balances every month. Despite this steady source of double income, there is a constant fear of being short on cash for their current lifestyles.

5 Steps to mental fitness

What do you want most? When I ask that, irrespective of age, financial status, ethnicity, religion, gender, each one of them rest their case with ‘I want to be happy and peaceful’ (Of course after beating around the bush for a while). Now, that sounds cute and kind of glamorous too. Part of the charm is owing to the fact that people seem to have started to believe that ‘happiness and peace’ are philosophical concepts and almost impossible to achieve in this lifetime...


Nowadays almost everyone travels according to a route set by a GPS- be it within one’s own city or outside it. But, even if you have the latest GPS instrument and uninterrupted high- speed Internet service, what is most important, is to give the correct address of your eventual destination. If you give the GPS an address in Paris, when you really want to reach Rome, you will obviously lose direction and be truly lost...

5 ways to get rid of inferiority complex

The fact that you are reading this article means that you have an inkling of something not being very right with your feeling of self worth. Well congratulations!! Half the battle is won here. No I am not mocking at you and I am very genuine with my praise because while almost the entire mankind is suffering from varying degrees of low self- esteem it is very few like you who dare to acknowledge and accept this basic fact...

5 steps to improve your relationships

So you really care for this relationship but it is not doing its best. You try for something and you end up arguing or walking away? It surprises you how things can be so wrong with the most important person in your life?...

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