Is your mind in chains?

Is your mind in chains?

“ You are so lucky! You are doing whatever you want in life. Eye surgeon, air hostess, Mrs. India, counselor, writer!”

When people count my various personas, and tell me how lucky and fortunate I am, they invariably speak in a tone of admiration laced with a sense of regret of unfulfilled aspirations. While complimenting me on my ability to carry out so many interests and professions, they bemoan their own inability, and start offering explanations as to how it was impossible for them to nurture and develop their passion. At such times, the first thought that strikes me is:

“ Is she trying to convince me or herself?”

I am personally never convinced about all those weighty obstacles in their lives which stop them from acting upon their heartfelt desires. But the person in question is either blaming their fate or trying to convince me of the magnitude of their hindrances and obstacles. They believe that they are laboring under a spell of great misfortune and therefore cannot do the very things they want to do in life.

But when I remember Ashok Munney from Nagpur and the amazing things he has accomplished after losing one leg- and being penniless to boot, I cannot believe that people are incapable of restructuring their lives.

Ashok has trekked the Himalayas, taken tourists into deep valley abysses, and performs one legged motorcycle stunts. All on one leg. I do not believe that people can throw away their dreams only because their problems seem insurmountable. I only have to remember Ashok and be convinced of it. And then he is just one example.

Even so, many dreams continue to remain unfulfilled. Why is that?

That’s because of the way we chain our minds… lock them up and throw away the key…

Year after year people pass on the negativity of their own failed dreams and ambitions to those around them… in their own circle of influence. If you ever decide to do something different, something larger than usual, or something better than before, you will always be told:

“ Oh, but how is that even possible?”
“People like us shouldn’t get caught up in such ventures.”
“You will never be able to do any business.”
“Get a job like everyone else, what is this that you are doing? … that kind of work is for people already well established … we don’t have money growing on trees to squander on start ups!”

Mostly we meet such naysayers. And these people quietly but surely chain our minds and kill our dreams even before we are allowed to execute them.

If there is one truth I have learned, it is that nothing is impossible, no matter what situation you are in. All one needs is to research one’s interest with confidence, acquire the right mentorship and move step by step toward one’s goal with restraint and tact.

Henceforth, share your dreams only with those who believe in miracles in life! If you have faith in your dreams, then don’t squander them without giving them their fullest opportunity to come true.

Shed those old chains! Don’t let anyone shackle you ever again!

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Pankaj sakore

02 June 2018
Thank you for the Article.


Pankaj sakore

02 June 2018
Thank you for the Article.
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