Who can be a counselor?

Who can be a counselor?

What is counseling? According to the American Counseling Association, counseling is defined as, "a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals."

When we look at this definition, it becomes obvious that any one who possesses the basic qualities of empathizing, listening, guiding and caring can be a counselor to others. A degree in psychology can be good but is certainly not essential to be a good counselor. Understanding of human nature, desire to help, learning to empathize and to listen without judging are the basic skills needed to be a good counselor. Rest of it can be learned.

Why am I calling more people to be counselors? Simply because, we need all of you. Given our emphasis on individuality and the emotional distances we have created with our near ones, talking to a counselor remains the only way to help ourselves out of the survival challenges of life.

The challenges of life spare none- we struggle in relationship with not only others but also with ourselves, we struggle in parenting, professional life poses new challenges every day, while the fluctuations in the economic and political situations keep tugging at us. Everything and everyone around us seem to be competitive. There is stress and loneliness and everyone is in need of an empathetic listener and you can be that.

Unfortunately most of the courses in Psychology are majorly theoretical. Students of psychology are trained at using the tools but the most important art of counseling is not taught. So if you wish to be a counselor studying psychology is not essential. What you need is a qualification in counseling, a course in practical counseling with an experienced counselor, some supervised sessions and you are ready to go ahead with professional counseling.

But not essentially we should all be professional counselor. We have our jobs. But all of us need to be a counselor in some capacity or the other. Whether you are a teacher, a manager, a doctor, a nurse, an engineer or simply a parent we are all dealing with humans and relationships. We are counselors in our own capacity for someone or the other. Then why not do it systematically?

Take up to learning counseling skills. The best part is you can now learn from the experts in the comfort of your home or your office. Some of the experienced best counselors now conduct personalized practical counseling courses online. Learn at your own pace with no examinations or submissions.

Be a counselor, the world needs you.

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