DEPRESSION - Prevention is Better than Cure

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 20 July 2018

TREATMENT: On the positive side, Depression is one of the fully treatable conditions. Counseling, Psychotherapy, Medication and Electroconvulsive treatment used in proper combination under expert guidance can help with sure and complete recovery. Online depression therapy is easily approachable for everyone.However, prevention is better, always better as the sufferings can give a person serious setbacks. 

PREVENTION: This is what each one of us can do. We are all capable of doing this ourselves.However many times we feel lost and are unable to help ourselves. Seeking out a counselor is the best gift that you can give to yourself. Even for those who cannot leave work place during office hours, those who do not have the access to approach a counselor in their office and those who are feeling too anxious even to leave the house, help is available at hand. Try Online Counseling for Depression and Anxiety. Some of these online services are even available as online chat based depression counseling to begin with. 

As long as we focus on “the other” we would suffer. We need to learn to go inside. We need to: 

  1. Identify our true selves.
  2. Accept our true selves with all our cracks and crevices.
  3. Connect with ourselves.
  4. Work on what we really want in our life- time.
  5. Identify what are our values that we base our decisions on.
  6. Realize what are the factors that:
    1. We wish to Tolerate
    2. We can Compromise
    3. We cannot accept at all
    4. Make us truly happy
    5. Give us a feeling of integrity and self- respect.
  7. Work on all these factors to build up our sense of self worth and self- esteem.
  8. Decide the rules of our life while respecting those of others.
  9. Build healthy relationships where we can talk our heart out about everything that bothers us so that these do not build up to full- blown depression.

Whenwe live in positive self- esteem, there is no need left for unnecessarycompetition or comparison. The need to compromise also reduces when we knowthat we respect the others for what they are and we need to be respected forwhat we are. Fears arising out of our low self–esteem, like the fear of losingsomeone or the fear of losing things, automatically decrease and then we areable to deal with people and situations with assertiveness. The need to controlalso arises out of low-self-esteem, which can be very well taken care of withgood self- awareness.

Whenwe do not have enough self-love we live in fear. We need to learn to loveourselves with all understanding (Not the conceited kind). 

BIGGERRESPONSIBILITY: As parents, teachers and guides we carry a biggerresponsibility to teach about:

  • Connecting with self
  • Building Self- esteem,
  • Healthy self-love,
  • Understanding and managing our emotions
  • Accepting and respecting others for what they are
  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships

Wehave to learn to use everyday happenings and the challenges in our life toteach the healthy way of dealing with our life to our younger generation. I amconfident that if we take up this responsibility, our responses to thechallenges thrown to us by life would change for the better. This would equipus to build defenses against the monsters like Depression, for the rest thereare the counselors, therapists and psychiatrists.

Wordof Caution: Excessive misuse of the word “Depression” is leading to unnecessaryburden on normal individuals including young children. We need to be cautious.Life is good and challenges are a normal part of life. Let us leave thelabeling of illnesses to the specialists. Till then, let us enjoy ourselves asnormal individuals with mood swings, sad times, heart- breaks, frustrations andanger. And when in doubt instead of surfing more and more monstrous symptoms itis better to search for Online Counseling services



Shabina 21 July 2018

Need of the hour topic very much simply elaborated.

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