How to Deal with Trust Issues in Relationships?

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 28 November 2019

Came across this interesting word on the web PISTANTHROPHOBIA. Yes it is an actual word and its meaning is,

Fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad.

The very fact that they had to invent a name for this condition is proof of its widespread presence. As a counselor I frequently come across various presentations of this condition.

When we put trust in someone and they are not able to keep up to it, it certainly makes difficult for us to trust another for some time. That is normal and perhaps good for self- preservation. However, the problem starts when we are not able to let go of our past experiences and our trust issues begin to affect our present or prospective relationships.

For some it is difficult even to meet new people and they might just close themselves up. For others, though they may enter new relationships they are not able to trust their new partners. In either case they end up feeling hurt and lonely. Those who do enter new relationships are often filled with suspicion. Their partners find it very difficult to cope up with their frequent allegations and snooping on them. Both the partners are suffering in their own way.

It is essential to work on the pain of breakup and betrayal before entering a new relationship. Unresolved issues make it very difficult to move on or maintain a healthy relationship. Breakup when shocking, especially as a result of cheating, can be traumatic. I recommend a proper trauma counseling when the heart is too shaken.

Moving into life with the trauma of betrayal unattended can affect all aspects of one’s life. But shit happens. Get help. Because, life is worth happiness and being in love- again.

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