Making a Career Choice Based on Aptitude

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 28 August 2019

Oxford Dictionary defines Aptitude as Natural talent.
Every individual is born with an inherent personality. With the process of socialization many layers are added to this personality. But the inherent traits are the guiding lines on which we process the information provided to us in our growing years. When it comes to making choices in life often we make certain choices that we are not very sure we made, but it is our inner person that is guiding us to make the choices.  One of the major components of this inherent persona is the In-born natural talent -Aptitude.     
While choosing a career often a conflict is seen between what a student wishes for and what the society tempts it to choose. The student’s choice is often termed as immature and impractical. And often the process of career selection becomes a bone of contention within the family. The conflict is understandable given the plethora of options available and the inclination to opt for seemingly glamorous path. However if the chosen career and its demands are conflicting with the inner personality traits of the student, the choice creates a lot of problems.
There is an inclination amongst the students and the parents to opt for the most popular and the seemingly secure career options. For example Studying Engineering appears to many parents to guarantee a sure shot job clinching and money earning option for the student. However, we have a multitude of example today to warn us. Many students, who opt for this study course for wrong reasons like its success rate and prestige parameter either, drop out mid way because they cannot cope up with the demands of the course, encounter repeated failure or barely pass out thus making it very difficult to secure a reasonable job. This same example is seen in all the other courses.  
This conflict is because every career option has its own demands like Engineering needs technical aptitude, Accountancy requires logical and number skills, Management demands logic, people and reasoning skills and so on. 
Popularly, while looking for a career option the parameters taken into consideration are- 
  • What subject the student is good at? If it is math he is forced for Engineering, If it is biology he is forced for Medicine and so on.        
  • What are most people opting for?
  • What are the popular colleges and Institutes?
  • What option is a sure-shot job clincher?        
  • Does the career offer a bright future?
All these questions are misleading. A student good at math may not have technical aptitude. Every individual is different and with different aptitude so what others choose and what others succeed at does not guarantee our success automatically. Every career has job options and if one is good at it every career offers a bright future. The right question should be- Do the demands of that career match the aptitude of the student? 
Many career aptitude tests are conducted by counselors all over the world. These researched and standardized tests test the student on basic sets of inherent talents. Then based on the results the student is suggested career options that would utilize his/her maximum potential. When the aptitude and job requirements match the person naturally feels interested in the study and work. When that happens success is guaranteed in every field.
It is thus strongly recommended that every student should have his/her aptitude testing done around class 10th to get the matching options at the right time to
ensure lasing satisfaction and success.



Malvika Sharma 31 August 2019

I mean this is actually so helpful and has given me the right direction !! Thankyou!!

Malvika 31 August 2019

This is really helpful ????

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