“Why me, Jack?” Yesterday Spencer had stared blankly at him. And now she was asking, “Jack do you think that I might be…um…going crazy finally? I had anticipated this coming for over a year now… I know it would happen some day, but has it started already Jack? My kids are too young…” He asked, “What do you want Spencer? What do you really want?”

And that is when the smaller battles faded and the real war began. That is when the questions changed…

For the love of me is a gripping and intuitive story that takes you on a quest to find what has been the missing. Of course the missing pieces have been there all along but the eyes to see them and the hands to put them together were veiled. When a Jack comes along the greatest wonder is to comprehend that tormentors are the greatest allies on every quest. We need them and we need a Jack.

As you embark on this unique adventurous journey you will discover that this story becomes a guide that holds the power to not only refine the questions of life but also, to escort your steps towards materializing that mythical blissful peace.


Spiritual Parenting is different from other books because it is inspired by the lessons taught by children on the subjects that otherwise focus on the complex perspective of an expert to explain or motivate readers. It reiterates the forgotten lessons of childhood for parents of today..

When going into details, the book connects the concepts of parenting with spirituality and explores a set of diverse ideas of God versus religion, right and wrong, happiness and self-esteem. A chapter on Labels is a unique read that explores the idea of labels through different scenarios.

This book can be used by all the parents who wish to connect with their children spiritually and those who are finding it difficult to understand the perspective of their children. In general, it can be useful for any parent, expectant parent, grand parents and just about anyone.

However, the book still doesn't restrict its lessons for parents as it is more of a spiritual book that talks about self-awakening and thus, may be used by anyone as one can be benefited through the simple understanding of the connect edness with ones source.

Not only parents, adolescents may also find it an interesting read as it explores their perspective and may even feel like recommending it to their parents after the exploration.

This is not just another parenting book with advises on do’s and don’ts. Neither is this a spiritual instructions manual. This is a journey of a lost soul finally anchoring on to its path of purpose. This is a journey of a parent from being worldly wise to being spirit centered. This is a journey of a soul towards its light. This is our journey- yours and mine.

This SECOND EDITION comes with an entire new section on DANGEROUS MISTAKES OF PARENTING in response to the reader’s demand for dealing with teenage issue.