Spiritual Counseling

Dr. Sapna sharma helps you through every issue in your life that is causing you pain and unhappiness. However, instead of just showing you the way out of the current difficult situation, she guides you to understand the higher purpose behind the situation. The counseling sessions with her aim at empowering you with the ability to experience happiness and peace in every situation of life, thus ensuring a confidence to deal with anything on the way. Using talk therapy, role rationalization and meditations the empowerment is complete.


Relationships and Parenting are the two factors noted to be the most disturbing of all. The reason is simple- Relationships and children mean the most to all of us.

Relationships form the base of all that is really important- family, career and the society. Whoever we are, whatever we do or achieve and wherever we go, Our survival and well-being are intricately connected to our interaction with people, environment and with ourselves.

Similarly, once we have children our life seems to revolve around them. We wish the best for our young ones and most of our waking time, energy and earnings seem to be directed towards ensuring the best for them.

However, both Relationship Management and Parenting Skills are two of the most neglected topics. While we train to earn and hoard wealth, there is no training or even an initiation to understand the intricacies of relationships and parenting. We are not even guided to understand ourselves and thus understanding the other is always an uphill task.

Life is to be lived in love and happiness. We all deserve it. Hence it is of utmost importance to share anything that bothers us and takes the toll of our happiness.

A Counselor is the best person to offer that listening ear and experiential guidance in a nonjudgmental, unbiased and completely confidential environment.

It is your step towards emotional, physical, mental, financial and spiritual wellbeing.


Stress and Depression are household terms now. Life keeps throwing challenges and we have come to accept that life is not possible without either of them. But do we have to live this way? In spite of the external pressure and uncertainties, there are ways to live in peace and in control of your life. Depression, frustration, hopelessness are not compulsions but choices.

Dr. Sapna works with you in any challenges that you are currently facing. She believes every individual has a right to live a happy and peaceful life in spite of the situation and circumstances, but one has to make the decision to live a better life. Once you make this decision taking action towards your goal of happiness and peace becomes easier.


Marriage as an institution has changed its form with the generations. What to expect and how to respond is always perplexity. With all the confusions of the new age, career and personal freedom taking precedence over commitment and adjustment, keeping the priorities right is a real challenge.

Given the phenomenal rise in the rate of divorces and separations, nuclear families with no one to guide on the real meaning of a marriage, glamorization of the institution by the media, the role of Pre- Marital can not be over emphasized for the present generation and the ones to come.

Social isolation and individualization has made sharing of personal problems a big social taboo, and yet almost every marriage has some issues. Unfortunately, when not given due attention, small issues escalate to big problems within no time. It is highly recommended to talk to a counselor who is trained to guide you towards a mutually acceptable solution intended towards living in happiness.

Dr. Sapna is an expert on the subject and her unique method of gently guiding both the partners towards a common goal is inspired by a desire to increasing the harmony among couples who are also the parents.


Doctors treat physical illnesses of the patient, but hardly anyone pays attention to the emotional suffering of the patient and the stress and pain of the care givers.

Regular counseling for the patients of chronic illnesses and for their care- givers is not a luxury any more rather it is a necessity. IT is very important to understand that the care- givers are also human and just because you have a patient to take care of does not mean that you cease your right to live a happy and fulfilling life. Happy care- givers can always offer a positive and hopeful environment for the recovery of their patients.

Counseling with Dr. Sapna for the chronic illness patients as well as the immediate care- givers can ensure happiness and peace even in the difficult period of illness.