8 Reasons Why Online Counseling Can Be Good For You

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 02 July 2018

I do not have to start with a case in favor of need of counseling services. It is well established that the best way to work on survival challenges is to talk with a non- judgmental, empathetic,scientifically trained to listen counselor. But there are still many of us who either have hesitations in reaching out to a counselor or do not have access to one. I believe the best answer to all of this is ONLINE COUNSELING SERVICES.


For those of you who are not aware, online counseling services are now provided by the best of the counselors across the world. It is similar to the face to face counseling session conducted in a counselors office as these sessions are done with the use of video chatting.Technology has reached the nook and corner of the world. Though computer based services like SKYPE were the services of choice once but now with What'sApp video Chat and apple Face time, real time access is now available to all on their phone. You can see the counselor and she can see you. You can feel the comfort of knowing them personally and they can guide you from where ever they are.

Here are a few reasons why onlinecounseling may be the best for you:

  1. Beating the taboo: Some sections of the society still carry taboo about visiting a counselor when they confuse the counselors with psychiatrists and label the counselee as mentally challenged patient. Many people who need counseling miss on this important service just because they are afraid of the taboos of the society. A session conducted in the closed confines of your home can bypass this invisible barrier towards a life changing experience.
  2. Best Counselors: You can get the services of any counselor from across the world- as long as you are comfortable with various accents of English, you can get the services of any counselor you wish to connect with. Their profiles are available on their websites and you can know more about them through their social media uploads.Thus once you are satisfied that this is the person you would like to talk with you can easily connect with them.
  3. Familiar surrounding: You get to go though the most difficult emotional experiences with the counselor in the very comfort of your own home or office. When we share with the counselor we open up many compartments of our life that may lead to emotional outbursts in the form of tears. For many, it is more comfortable if this is done behind the closed doors of their own rooms.
  4. Comfortable timings: Since this is not essentially done during the day time, many counselors give you the flexibility to chose sessions after office hours or even on week ends. This helps to continue the sessions even if you are in full time employment or education.
  5.  Involving the family: Sometimes it is in our interest that our family shares important input with the counselor.At other times the counselors may need to convey something important to our family. In the above situations online sessions taken at home can make it very convenient for our family to get involved in spite of their busy schedules.
  6. Better Compliance: At time sowing to our mental state we may want to skip counseling sessions just because we do not wish to go out of the house. Online counseling is particularly helpful in such situations as the counselor comes to our home via the Internet.
  7. Traveling: People who travel frequently do not have to worry about missing the sessions anymore. Since all we need is a good internet connection we can connect with our counselor from anywhere in the world at no extra cost.
  8. Avoid the road rush: Especially for those who live in metro cities, travel time and traffic itself can be a deterrent for keeping regular sessions with the counselor. Also for those who cannot travel independently, there is always one more person who has to make adjustments to ensure timely visit to the counselor. Both these issues can betaken care of by opting for online counseling services.

Thus if you are in need of some help but experience hesitation or physical limitation for reaching up to one, set up your Internet connection and reach out to the best online counselor.



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