Causes of Depression

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 28 June 2018

While we talk about Effective therapeutic Counseling Services with increasing number of expert counselors to handle anxiety issues, we cannot overlook the reasons that are leading to depression 

Unfortunately, in our times many a people are finding it difficult to get the right motivation to overcome the challenging situations. At the same time, the media is fuelling the widespread half knowledge of the existence of something like ‘depression’ and the ‘over-zealous’ physicians are more than eager to prescribe anti depressants, anti anxiety and mood- stabilizers. With this it is easier for weak willed individuals to label themselves as ‘depressives’ as that absolves them from taking the responsibility to go out of way for setting their life right. Here I would again take the chance to remind of the easy access to the best online counseling for depression and anxiety. 

Add to this the withering family and social support which used to be the natural “anti depressant” for ages. It seems like almost every one is in competition with everyone else. It can be education, money, gadgets, cars, mansions, children’s performances, quality of clothes, brands, foreign trips, looks, spouses, the restaurants we eat in, the parties that we attend, the clubs that we belong to and something as insignificant as the schools our children attend… our generation seems to be in competition about anything and everything. 

We feel incompetent or insignificant about something or the other compared to someone or the other at sometime or the other. We want to control or be in control… it’s a kind of psychological race that all or at least majority of us are running in. 

Manipulation seems to be our basic need. Some do it knowingly others, unknowingly, but none of the relationship seems to be healthy enough to feel safe and strong. We are so insecure that we do not trust in “letting go’. We want to change the others, we want things “Our way”. 

But that is not what life is all about. This is a place for individuals. And each individual is different in needs, desires, wants, abilities, interests, aptitude, drive, motivations, ambitions, strengths, looks, family… in every possible way. Millions of people means millions of ways of life which in turn means so many ways of feeling bad about ourselves and our situation. 

Unfortunately our culture encourages “externalization” and looks down upon “internalization”. None is encouraged to think about self or talk about self. This added to the effect of unbridled competitive environment and lack of family and social support is majorly responsible for conversion of everyday maladies to mild, moderate or severe depression. 

How do we march towards a happy and peaceful life? When we ask a question like this one, it seems like an impossible task and unfortunately many like to believe that true happiness is only a myth and that one needs to take the extreme steps towards medication to at the most keep afloat. Please do not despair. We live in an era where we have plethora of Effective therapeutic counseling services, expert counselors and even online counseling to help us deal with anything and everything that can be challenging us.



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