Common Mistakes in Career Planning after 10th

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 07 August 2018

We see this stress among parents and students class 10th onwards towards career selection. There are very few who somehow know even at his tender age what their life aim would me. The rest keep dabbling with the available information swaying with the trends and the social pressure.
I frequently meet students of various professional courses who are not only finding it difficult to cope up with the curriculum, but also find no interest in the subject matter at hand. Also in later life there are many of us who are not really satisfied with the type of work we do and though it ensures money, almost everyday to workplace is filled with drudgery.
Today especially when the new generation is looking for ‘personalized satisfaction’ in everything, using them towards some fixed ‘success formula careers’ is back- firing. Many are ending up with depression and chronic boredom.
Let us understand the common mistakes made in the process of career selection:
1. Choosing what is popular- may not essentially very best for your child
2. Getting influenced by the success advertisements of the tuition classes- there are successes and failures at every tutorial Institute
3. Using the class 10th marks to decide further career- these marks may not be the real depiction of the students aptitude and capabilities
4. Focusing on popular institutes and the curriculum rather than on a suitable career- remember that all the students of any institute do not achieve happiness and success in life
5. Neglecting the personality, study habits, aptitude and abilities of the child while focusing on popular careers
6. Taking a forced decision on the career under the influence of admission pressure created by tuition classes.
7. Not doing a thorough research on the available careers in the new world and forcing the student to select so-called popular career.
Today, when innumerable number of career opportunities are available for students it is rather sad that majority of students and parents are making the career choices without trying to understand the characteristics of the student or trying to find out various career options available that can suit the particular student. Today’s youth is not satisfied simply with being part of a popular career and earning regular income. Hence, it is all the more important to explore various career options and work with the counselor to understand which career options are most suitable and matching to the personality traits of the student.
We live in an Era with wide options for everything. Personal satisfaction and happiness can be matched with diligent career planning. I believe every school should make scientific and thorough aptitude testing with an experienced Career counselor mandatory for all students. In the absence of the facility being available in the school or around you it is highly recommended to contact a genuine Career counselor on the Internet to avail the services of online aptitude testing an online career planning for each student.
Career or work amounts to a large part of our life and thus its role is much more than just being a source of income. Contentment, happiness, satisfaction and feeling of self-worth is largely associated with our career. Hence the importance of scientific career planning for each individual cannot be overemphasized.



Shabina 07 August 2018

Each point very much apt.

Manish dubey 07 August 2018

Very informative & supportive article for carrer planning.

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