What is life coaching

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 7 June 2018

“Why would anyone hire a life Coach? They are not even giving counseling for past issues so why hire their service?” I keep getting that question often. 
It is a comparatively newer concept, especially in the Indian subcontinent for sure. I of all the people can understand the question and the skepticism better because about two decades back I was asked the same question about the Counseling services I was trying to introduce in central India. Till then people had heard of the Psychiatrist and the Psychologists and they were basically the “doctors for the mentally ill” for all practical purposes. So when I spoke of Counseling for the mentally healthy people to cope up with the survival issues of life, I drew blank stares. One question that I would be asked often was, “Why would anyone ask you what to do with his or her life, everyone knows.” 

We have come along way since then and Counseling has become a household name now. But that does make me more open to the questions and skepticism on Life Coaching. I will try to put it in the simplest words here. 

All of us have ideas and all of us dream. But only a few handfuls are able to put those ideas into action and fulfill their dreams. What is the difference between them and the others? They know how to put the ideas into action and have the courage and perseveranceto pursue their dreams relentlessly. Apply this to anything from career change, losing weight, coming out of an abusive relationship, making new decisions in life, adopting a child, shifting to another country, finding ones spiritual path to simply deciding to live in happiness and peace. Some people can do it while most others keep lingering under the pain of indecision and uncertainty. 

Either you do not have clarity of your goals or you might not know how to do it, or you are afraid to move ahead, or people around you keep finding the negative in your plan or you simply do not have the required motivation for taking up the necessary steps. 
This is where the life coach steps in. 
A life coach is a person who will work with you for:

  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • Planning — business, career and life
  • Over coming your fears
  • Clearing mental and emotional clutter
  • Balancing business and personal life
  • Making key decisions and designing strategies for success
  • Communicating powerfully and succinctly
  • Building powerful relationships
  • Breaking through the glass ceiling
  • Getting promoted
  • Getting out of a rut
  • Making an important life transition
  • Starting a business
  • Growing a business
  • Living a life of your choice
  • Identifying core values and passions
  • Fulfilling personal and emotional needs
  • Getting organized
  • Having more time to enjoy life
  • And much, much more…

LIFE COACHINGIS NOT COUNSLEING: It is very important to know this difference. A COUNSELOR would help you to resolve emotional and personal issue caused by some PAST issues. 

Whereas a LIFE COACH would work with you forward from where you are today towards where you want to reach. 

Today like all other services, Life Coaching is available for all your issues online in the comfort of your house. This also means that you can avail the services of a coach of your choice form any part of the world. Remember there is a LIFE COACH for all of your coaching needs.



saroj meshram 22 June 2018

nice concept


Nice concept. Would also like to know how much it costs to a person, to hire a Life Coach.

Salma Anjum 10 June 2018

Of course,Life coaching is very important yet not considered to be Needed at All.The reason,simply bwing that every individual Wants to be build his own life,sadly without any architectural frame. This article Truly puts forth the growing scope for people, almost from all fields to opt life coaching, as it is the need of the day.very well explained.

Shabina 09 June 2018

Wonderful concept so nicely explained

Dr Sushrut Babhulkar 08 June 2018

I completely agree and believe life coach alongside is the way to go forward. Very well summarised and ellaborated the need.

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