What to Do After the Children Leave Home?

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 18 September 2019

Many mothers face the emptiness once their children are out to seek their own pastures. Earlier the children would leave the house when seeking for job or after marriage, but today most children leave the confines of their house after 10+2 to find better universities. Many mothers then approach me with similar stories as this one. “I am a happy home maker; my children are grown up and have happily settled in their nests for their further studies and career growth. I have a lot of time, and don’t know what to do exactly to feel contented. Most of the times, I feel anxious about even small things. Please suggest something, so that I can make the most of my spare time.” 

Firstly it is very important to learn letting go and finding the self. Most women who do not have a career dedicate their entire life to the wellbeing of the husband and the children. And when they get busy the woman suffers from what is called as ‘Empty nest syndrome”.

For the worry and anxiety, it is really helpful to believe that if and when there is any problem you would definitely get a call or message. So no call or message basically means all is well and they are happy with their life.

I would suggest this is the best time to restart your life. Explore what all you have always wanted to do but never got an opportunity to and start doing whatever you can. It can be something as small as restarting with the painting that you left behind when you got married or travelling alone or with various travel groups like Kesrari and Veena world that even organise ladies special tours where you can not only see the world, enjoy but even make new friends.

If you have wanted to work professionally know that it is never too late. You can create a beautiful career for yourself depending upon your skills, education, likes and availability of time. You may need the help of a counselor or career guide to help you zero down to what you can do and to work out the how, what and when.



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