• Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 23 March 2019

In India the choices of careers begin with Engineering, Medicine, Chartered Accountancy & Law. For many, it ends with one of these four. Undoubtedly these are good career options but the problem starts when we believe that these are the only ones. Of course parents wish for a progressive and ‘safe’ career for their children. Unfortunately these definitions of what is progressive and safe is based on a few successful examples in the society. Young students are influenced by the glamour around the career mostly based on the JEE Coaching classes hoardings and the tag of being called an Engineer.

No doubt that the above-mentioned careers are good, but so are any other carefully planned and executed careers. But there is a difference between a career that is ‘good’ and a career that is ‘good for that particular person’. This is simply based on the observation that not all engineers are successful, not all doctors well known, not all Chartered Accountants mint money, but some do. Then again, there are highly successful, famous Journalists, Chefs, Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Therapists and so on.

If we really are looking for a career that will give us what we want in life then we would look for a career that matches our personality and aptitude rather than blindly follow the masses that say only certain careers are good.

Students can start with observing themselves and parents can look into what their children really are without any bias or prejudice. If you are considering a career in Engineering then do analyze whether tinkering with mechanical things, household repairs, going into the technical aspect of computers or scooters and cars at home come naturally to the student? A person who is very good at drawing and is basically creative by nature would rarely make a good Engineer even if they manage to secure admission in an Engineering college. Most of these students are unhappy and not able to cope with the studies. Even after they pass out they are basically degree holders and not Engineers and hence have problems growing in the career.

If the students or the parents are not able to understand the basic personality and trait of the child, taking an aptitude test with an experienced counselor would help you understand the student and take the right career decision.

We do much research in selecting our clothes and deciding where to eat then how can we simply decide to take up a career just because everyone else says is good?



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