Why Online Aptitude Testing

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 21 June 2018

In my practice as a counselor over the last 20 years, the maximum rush for career counseling is in the months of June and July. These are generally 12th appeared students and parents who 

  • Had focused on studies and left the actual career planning to the last minutes.

  • Many of these are also the ones who had opted for medical or engineering entrance coaching based on general beliefs that these are good careers and now have realized that they could not clear the entrances to be good enough for admission to a good institute.

  • Who have scored very less in the boards and now are confused as to what next about the career

  • Those who were working towards medical /Engineering entrances but are now not so sure about their choice and want to explore options.

  • Students who were forced by their parents to take up one of the popular entrance examination coaching but now are rebelling and looking for new career options.

So they seek out counselors and want their careers to be set. Over the years, at this stage I have invariably felt bad for these students because:

  • All the good institutes for most of the have entrance examinations that are all over by this time and the student has to either settle for a not so good institute or miss a year.

  • Parents have spent approximately 2- 3 lakh rupees on tutorials that have been of no use for the student.

  • Many students are already feeling frustrated and depressed because most of their friends are confidently moving ahead with their choice of careers and these are still groping in the dark.

Unfortunately most parents do not believe in spending a small fee for getting an aptitude test done and have a clarity on options available and in finding the best possible options for their child while they are ready to invest in so called ‘popular tutorials’ just because everyone in the society seem to be recommending them. 

It is time to understand that today’s student has many amazing career opportunities other than the traditional ones. They can be anything they want, be happy about it and earn well too. 

Also it is important to understand that all of us are born with different inborn abilities and school results do not identify our inherent traits. All the careers require different traits to be successful. A student who is good at math and science at School does not essentially go on to make a good engineer; it requires technical abilities that are in born traits. Similarly if someone is not good at math does not guarantee to be a good doctor. All the careers require special traits. 

Intelligence alone does not guarantee success. One must love the work and that is possible only when it comes naturally to us. Otherwise most people go to work just because they have to and hate their work and life. Happiness and peace is most importance. Our profession is 1/3rd of our life. If we are not happy about it there would be no happiness and no progress. 

Hence it is absolutely essential to get your detailed aptitude testing and analysis done with an experienced counselor. Ideally all schools should be providing these services. Most of them don’t and those schools that do provide opt for easy to apply half-baked short tests that do not give any clarity. In addition, no test can analyze a human being completely and hence each report has to be assessed by an experienced counselor taking into consideration the personality+ environment+ dreams + aptitude of the child and the circumstances of the parents. 

Even if you do not have access to a counselor in your city or you wish to get a good counselor, look up on the Internet. Many experienced counselors provide scientific aptitude testing and take into consideration the individuality of the student. The final results are explained personally using video chat so that all your questions and doubts can be answered and you can take informed decision. 

The best time for the test is immediately after the 10th boards are over. If you have missed it then get it done anytime before your 12th board exams so that you have time to register for various entrances. 

Use the power of Internet. Get the best for your life. Get in touch with the best career counselor online wherever you are in the world.



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