"Writers aren’t people exactly. Or, if they’re any good, they’re a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person."

A Spiritual Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Trainer, Dr. Sapna qualified as an ophthalmic surgeon, and after professionally practicing for 10 years she went on to explore her calling in Training and Counselling.

Equipped with a plethora of Qualifications in Counseling, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Human Resources and Personal Management, and resonating a strong belief in the potential of every living being.She has been a motivator of thousands in Centeral India.

A mother of two and recipient of many awards in the field of Couselling and Training, including the Samupadeshak Shiromani award, She also carries with ease the crown of Mrs.India World. Her passion for life sees her travelling farand wide with her favorite companion-A Nikon SLR.

Praise for Spiritual Parenting

  • PADMASHREE DR. VIJAY BHATKAR: Architect of Param supercomputers.

    It’s a beautiful book indeed! Honest and Tender as well as full of human helplessness and fallacies. Sapna’s style is direct from heart touching readers inner core. So much to learn about parenting from our children. I am sure it will transform many parents for good. A very good book on parenting for our times.

  • SWAMI MITRANAND- Chinmaya Mission & National Director All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra

    Swami Chinmayananda very wisely said “Children are the lamps to be lit not vessels to be filled”. Dr. Sapna Sharma reiterates this over and over again through her debut book “Spiritual Parenting”. Unlike most parenting books that tend to be preachy guidebooks “spiritual Parenting” aims at developing spiritually minded parents who transcend the need to control children and instead focus on creating environments.

  • RUZBEH N. BHARUCHA: Author of Fakir Trilogy

    Wonderful, warm, thought provoking and heart warming, much needed book. Such books are truly needed.


Spiritual Parenting Counselling-2nd Edition



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