Are You Living A Meaningful Life??

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 09 October 2018

Every night we set our alarm. Most of us also plan a timetable for the next day. The clothes we will wear, our to-do list, the people we will meet … all these things whirl around in our head as we fall asleep.

Suppose after all this meticulous planning, we do not wake up the next morning? Is there such a possibility? Yes of course there is! No one knows how long one is going to live!  So tonight can easily be our last night alive.

But we never think on such lines. A lot of things are continuously happening around us- accidents, natural disasters, terrorism, disease, and so many illnesses like premature cancer or heart failure. But we are very sure it will never happen to us.

If you know that tomorrow is going to be your last day, what will you do on waking up? Life is limited, but opportunities for happiness are unlimited! Do you ever think of tasting the limitlessness of these opportunities, ever?!

If we still are not trying to get every experience out of life, what are we waiting for?

Many of us look at the success of others and somewhere we feel a twinge of pain. We attribute luck as the reason for their success and feel justified. But conveniently neglect to acknowledge the immense effort they put into every small and big thing to reach that pinnacle of success.

We aren’t prepared to undertake that level of effort nor do we prepare ourselves for any arduous struggle. And so we remain satisfied to stay ordinary or even mediocre and justify it to ourselves in the process.

Even when we see changes in our kids’ behavior or see relationships faltering, if we are dissatisfied with our jobs, even then, we refuse to do something concrete about it. Most of us today know the positive effects of working with a Relationship Counselor or a Parenting Counselor or a Life Coach but we live in some rosy bubble that in some magical ‘tomorrow’, a solution will appear before us and everything will correct itself automatically!

We live in this false hope and continue to live half a life, preserving a status quo of sorts, of pain, worry and fear of the future.

But suppose that tomorrow never dawns?
Waking up to a new day, everyday, is a miracle in itself. How come we never realize its importance? Waking up every morning is not a certainty for every single human being. Only when we realize that waking up every morning is a huge miracle by itself, only then will we treat our every single day as a unique opportunity to do our best, aim for the maximum.

If my every day is to be a unique opportunity, I will not compromise in making the most of it. Why will I continue in the staleness of the dragging difficult relationship? I will not like to waste a single day feeling sorry for myself because my kids do not behave in a certain way or my boss does not value my worth. I will question as to why should I tolerate being in any dull work place doing the kind of work that I hate to my core. I will get out and ask for help. I will ask to any person whom I believe will understand the need to live a full life. Counseling, Therapy, Coaching what ever it takes.

In fact I make this decision every morning and every night - I will not live an average, mediocre life of suffering- I will make it positive, happening and the way I want it!



Ashhmeet Kaur 14 October 2018

Loved it ma'am, truly motivational to start my day off.. thank you for sharing...

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