Dreams and Desires - A Perfect Route to a World of Possibilities

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 03 October 2019

Dreaming is beautiful for it takes us into the world of possibilities. That is a world where everything seems to be possible and that is where all the new inventions are born first. And yet we are not encouraged much to dream. Rather we are discouraged from entering that world lest we would be lost to this world of reality.

As children we have dreams that are called as fantasies. In those dreams we aim high. We look up to ourselves. When we come across some new things it brings a spark to our eyes. Some people we meet or read about make a deep impression upon us and we dream to become like them. Elders around us find it quite amusing and take pride in sharing it with others.

But as we grow up suddenly hundreds of hands reach out to pull us out of our dreams and to bring us back to reality. Everyone is worried that the dreamer would never be able to do anything practical and would waste away his/her life dreaming.

In a way they are right because only dreaming does not take us much ahead on the road of life. But that does not make dreaming a crime or a time waster. Every big thing takes shape in the dreams of someone. All the beautiful architecture of the world has its roots in the dreams of their conceivers. Agreed, only dreaming does not do the magic of creation but without dreaming nothing new or big can be achieved. Many big things do not happen in the world because many dreamers give up on their dreams. They believe on their distractors more than in their dreams.

Action is needed and dreams are needed too. Rather than throwing away your dreams cherish them. If you wish to build castles in the air, build them but then go ahead and put foundations under them with your hard work, perseverance, planning and determination. Set long term SMART goals by visualizing your dream come true. Work on short term goal plan to chalk out a route to the goal and then readjust your immediate goals like planning education and choice of study to start you on the path to achieving your dream goals.

While planning your career do not neglect any dreams or desires you have had about your future. Take these also into consideration and try to blend it with your aptitude, interests and value. It is possible to convert any dream into a reality by working on it realistically. Take help of people who are related to your dream career, ask for help, take guidance. Don’t forget to discuss your dreams seriously with your counselors.

Believe in your dreams and remember not to share your dreams lightly to non-believers. People who do not believe in dreaming big and accomplishing them often laugh on your dreams and belittle your faith in your dreams. These kinds of people are all around us. Beware of them.

Remember you are different. You are not your friend, not your parents, not your sweetheart either. You are a unique creation and your dreams and desires would be unique. Do not lose faith in your dreams only because someone who loves you does not believe in your dream.

Talk of your dreams to only those who are action people and who aim high themselves. Work on all aspects of the dreams. Weigh the pros and cons and the risks and benefits equally. Help is available in the world in every form. If you have faith in your dreams and if you do your homework well, there would always be people willing to lend you a supporting hand.

So when you plan your career, keep a place in it for your dreams.



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