How to Help Distracted Children with Studies?

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 23 February 2019

Today many parents are worried over casual approach of their children towards studies, especially in primary and middle school. Scoring marks is not much of a problem for these children. Thus they believe that regular and long hours of studies are not essential. Eventually, most of them find it very difficult to focus for a long time when they reach the higher classes and thus lose interest in studies and the process of studies.

Parents are right to worry. Children with above average intelligence make it very easily through today’s primary and middle school systems especially because of the easy and sort exams and repetitive nature of school studies. But many of them end up in mess in high school and later because they may either be not very good with their basics or may end up hating to sit for long hours as per the demands of the senior classes. Hatred or laziness for writing practice is another cause of worry.

In addition they have too many attractions and distractions that they do not believe in doing anything for the sake of their parents or teachers or because they are afraid of the authorities. Usually when parents insist on regular studies, they are faced with strong resistance and at times even violent reactions.

Most of these children do not even respond to suggestions from a counselor or a teacher, timetables or schedules for more than a day or two. Majorly, because though they would want to do better at studies they do not have the discipline or willpower to sustain on their own for long.

The best option for such children is to get them a home tutor. The idea behind this is - children develop the habit for regular studies throughout the year for an hour or two. This habit will take them a long way.

Another advantage is you can instruct the tutors to test the child for the basics of math, languages and science from time to time and set a system of regular practice for the basics so that senior classes become comfortable.

Thirdly, these tutors can, through your instructions, get full test papers solved from the student prior to exams in exam-like setting keeping the required time check. This will improve the child’s examination skills and give a boost to their confidence.

Even if your child is scoring well and is not willing for a tutor, I suggest you to implement it as a compulsion to inculcate regular study habits in your child. If not anything, on some days the tutor can engage the child in subject related or general debate or encourage creative writing.

I would also suggest that the results can be best if the tutor is not a teacher by profession as those teachers put off the students. In most A and B grade cities you would find tutorial agencies that can send you a verified teacher. These teachers are mostly college students and children feel more comfortable with them.

A word of caution though, if your child is a female do insist on a female tutor for the sake of safety and ensure that there is no door closing during the class time and that you or some other adult be around.



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