Learn to Discover Your True Self

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 19 June 2019

Life is like a stage. You could be enacting any role that you want to. In fact, you do find yourselves playing many roles at the same time and playing none at a moment in your life. Life is strange yet exciting to experience. However, you will be able to discover life in its true sense only if you have discovered yourself to start with. Your spiritual essence that exists beyond this material reality is what you must open up to for adding onto another eternal dimension.

In response to my ongoing blog posts and video talks on my book, ‘For the Love of Me’, I have been receiving many concerns, queries, and questions. One such question from a homemaker said, “I am a happy home maker, my children are grown up and have happily settled in their nests for their further studies and career growth. I have a lot of time, and do not know what to do exactly to feel contented. Most of the time I feel anxious about even small things. Please suggest something, so that I can make the most of my spare time.”

If I talk about aspirations, then here the homemaker has achieved all that a mother aspires for her child but now where does she go. Is she satisfied at the threshold she is standing? Is she contending with her life? Where is life actually taking her?

At this stage, I would suggest that it is very important to learn letting go and finding the self. Most women who do not have a career so they dedicate their entire life to the wellbeing of the husband and the children. And when they get busy, the woman suffers from what is called as “Empty Nest Syndrome”. Empty nest syndrome is nothing but a lonesome phase of life that most of the women experience after giving their children an open sky to explore their individual world of possibilities and opportunities. Children grow and start to create their own horizons but where do women stand?

Talking about your children once they are happily settled in their respective lives, I would suggest, for the worry and anxiety, it is really helpful to believe that if and when there is any problem you would definitely get a call or message. So no call or message basically means all is well and they are happy with their life. If they are happy, then you too have a life to experience happiness and contentment.

I would suggest this is the best thing to restart your life. Explore what all you have always wanted to do but never got an opportunity to start doing whatever you can. It can be as small as restarting with the painting that you left behind when you got married or traveling alone or with various travel groups like Kesrari and Veena world that even organise ladies special tours where you can not only see the world, enjoy but even make new friends.

So, embark upon a journey to find yourself.



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