Mental Detox

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 03 July 2019

Recently I bumped into an old friend on the jogging track. She was already in her 10 th lap while I panted on my first. We decided to catch up after she finished her quota of 16 (!)
Irrespective, it was great catching up after almost 30 years. The starting point was of course her health routine that had left me awestruck. Having got an eager audience she went on to describe at length about her diet routines and the importance of regular detoxification of the systems for great internals. There was no denying the benefits- She was glowing! Later we drifted to the good old junior college days. I was just getting eased into the conversation when she brought up a bitter argument she had with a common friend- 30 years back!! She remembered every word of it! Good memory! Unfortunately she remembered every emotion related with the argument too! Our meeting turned somber after that as most of the time was spent in her lamenting over some words that were said years ago in the throes of the teens.
All that glow on her face had muted as we came to the end of the evening. She looked exhausted and worn out. As we were about to depart I asked her what she did for mental and emotional detoxification? She gave me incredulous looks and we parted on that.
A question that sprang up in my mind was, “Why does health only mean physical well being to us?”Those of us who are conscious, spend many hours and many more precious bucks on physical fitness and detoxification parlors and products. Sadly, we miss the major source of our energy, fitness and youth- our mental well- being. Some people abuse their bodies with over eating and junk food, but many-many more of us abuse our minds by getting into ego tussles and one-up-man-ship.
And then we pour more energy into remembering every detail of everything that is negative around us. Forgiving seems like a small thing to indulge in and glorifying our pain while criminalizing the smallest mistakes of others seems to be the big deed. Even at the cost of everything that is important to us? Actually yes… we sacrifice love, relationships, peace happiness and health to keep the vendetta alive. It seems perfect to feel victimized rather than feeling happy and peaceful!
What is really important? We need to keep revisiting this question. The solution to health and happiness is simple - Let Go. Try it. It works miracle. And if you find it difficult to do it on your own- Go talk your heart out to a counselor- a neutral, non- judgmental companion- Get Free- Get Health and Happiness.



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