Want To Achieve Your Dreams?

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 15 February 2019

We have all set goals for ourselves at some point of time or other. However most of us end up feeling “Goal setting doesn’t work in the face of all the uncertainties of life”. I believe this is where the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is decided. The one common thing with the extraordinary achievers is that they set a goal and stick to it. I understand it is not always easy and certainly that all of us are not equally motivated all the time. But if we really wish to achieve our targets- whether it is starting a new company, going for an IPO, losing weight, changing countries or acing an exam- We need to understand the process of Goal setting and how it works.

While setting goals it is important to have a written statement or plan. The best way to set goals is to using the following formula. The goals should be SMART.

S- Specific- Write- What do I want to Achieve?
M- Measurable- Write- How much, or what exact specifications do I want to aim for.
A- Attainable- Write- What is the degree to which this is attainable?
R- Relevant- Write- Is this goal relevant to what I really want in life?
T- Time Bound- By which date or time do I want to reach there?

For example, If your goal is to make a lot of money. Now that is very vague and you will never be able to reach there. You can make the same goal SMART and write for yourself-

I want to have cash assets in savings (Specific) amounting to 5 Lakh Rupees(Measurable) By December 2020 (Time Bound)
Now you know where you want to be after 2 years so now what you have to do is find the mind point i.e. where you should be by the end of 1st year to achieve your final target of 2 years? If that answer is 2 Lakh Rupees, then you have to ask yourself how much do you have today.

Now you have clear goal for the next one year and all you have to do is draw a strategy to achieve that.

You strategy sheet should also be in writing where you should be working on the following points:

1. How much can I earn in 1 year by the same way that I am earning today?
2. What additional source of income can I add?
3. What kind of investments are needed to reach the planned target of 1 year.
4. Who are the people who can help me - learn, plan, and motivate?
5. What can possibly go wrong?
6. What measures can I take to avoid or counter that which can go wrong?

Getting all this on paper and revising helps clear the perspective. Next you need to paste this paper where you can see it daily and accordingly you can set smaller daily, weekly and monthly goals.

However also remember that goals need to be reviewed regularly as you go along the plan. Adjustments may be needed from time to time based on how you are moving ahead and if or not things are going as per your plan.

For those of us who tend to procrastinate or fizzle out after the initial excitement, it makes sense to have achievement partners in the form of a friend or a family member whom you respect and feel answerable to. Share your Goals and the plans with them and give them the right to follow up with you. After we reach a stage where parents cannot scold us into anything, it is important for us to set our own compulsory check -points. These checkpoints are essential to ensure that we do not back off in times of extreme procrastination or temporary setbacks.

To this extent I strongly recommend to work with a professional Life Coach. To understand better, the life Coaching process looks something like this:-

STEP I: Your coach will help you SPOT and ISOLATE the real challenges you are facing currently.
STEP II: Next they will help you IDENTIFY what your life aims are and what is stopping you from attaining them.
STEP III: Then they will help you CREATE AN ACTION PLAN to overcome the challenges and achieve your aims.
STEP IV: They will BE WITH YOU as you follow through your action plan and climb the steps towards your life goals.
Step V: Together they will CELEBRATE your victories at every stage!

It is a minimum 3 months commitment and with a good coach you will be successfully on your way full of Motivation and enthusiasm.

So go ahead and dream. To turn your dreams into reality, just find your right way to set the goals and follow through!



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