How to Communicate Better with your Partner!!

  • Dr. Sapna Sharma
  • 11 December 2019

Do you filter thoughts and words before speaking to your partner?

Relationships have many dimensions. The most important being the fact that two different persons have come together with some intentions. In personal relationships it is mostly love or attraction that brings people together. 

Attraction doesn’t essentially mean compatibility. We might like something about the other person. Some get attracted to the physical appearance; some to the personality while some others are attracted to the talents. That is more or less how it starts. Our attractions bring us together. We meet, we share our best and we meet more. Both put their best foot forward because we want to please the other person into believing that we are the best ones for them too. 

During this period if we do not like anything we keep patience and either shrug it off as a small thing or politely try to convey our feelings. Interestingly the other person is more than willing to tender an apology. We are ready to take late night calls and willing too much out of way to fulfill the other person’s smallest wish. We do not feel tired, or sleepy and neither are we hesitant on spending time or money to ensure they are happy.  And this is all good but the trouble starts when we start walking on egg- shells around the most important person in our life.

We start it as a loving gesture to ensure that we do not upset our love interest. And so we use our words carefully. This may be okay for a short-term relationship but for something that you wish to be taken to the next level this can be a warning sign. If you have been only using the words that would make them feel good out of fear of upsetting them, then you have set a dangerous trend. 

To understand if you are in a compatible relationship that is fair to both of you one of the checkpoints is to ask yourself, “Are we both able to express our thoughts and feelings without the fear of upsetting or losing each other and have a healthy feeling about this sharing?” If at any point of time the answer to this question is ‘No’ then take that as a warning and know that it is time to discuss your or your partners fears.

If they are not open then getting into couple counseling with a third, non judgmental person would be the next best step. 

And if you feel you are constantly in fear of hurting or losing your partner and that you choose every word and action carefully around them, and they are not ready or discuss or opt for counseling then know that you are living on the thin line. Sooner or later you would break down. 

People do not change just because you wish them to change. Recognize that this is a problem area and take the essential step and share with me in the comment box below. If you wish to discuss something that is personal to you, do let us know and we can connect.



Madhavi Chauhan 13 December 2019

Dear Ma'am I have listened all your you tube video s. I wanted to know regarding NID career . After doing this course what are the job opportunities please give me some details. Thanking you.

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